Important information about e-mail messages.

When you receive an e-mail from our company, it must be digitally signed by

This is the only official e-mail address of Flora Export S.G. Israel. Make sure the message arrived from us.


If you use Microsoft Outlook check for "Signed By:" line on left-top side and red badge icon in right-top side of message body. Click the badge icon for details of digital certificate.


E-mails with digital certificate are marked with special icon in messages list.


The digital certificate indicates, that e-mail message came from verified and trusted origin.

View our e-mail certificate for detailed information to confirm.


Our e-mails are sent from computers located in Israel only. In Microsoft Outlook you can check the message properties by right-clicking the e-mail and selecting "Options". The "Received" line will show our Internet service provider (Bezeq International). The IP address of computer sending the message should be of Israeli origin as well.


In other mail clients or webmail you may use view header option to verify sender's location.


You may run Whois query to verify sender's location by IP address. Websites such as or are providing this tool online for free.




General recommendations:


1.) When sending us an e-mail, we suggest you type our company's e-mail address manually, do not just replay or forward automatically. This way you insure your e-mail arrives safely to our company.


2.) Use Online contact form from our official website: Our sales team will receive your message and replay to specified return e-mail address.


3.) Confirm our e-mail, or your e-mail message receival by us, using land line, mobile phone, SMS, fax or Skype. You can find complete contact options on our contact page Please note Israel is located in GMT+2 time zone, so we will be able to assist you during business hours only.


4.) Documents attached to e-mails include standard files such as:

Microsoft Excel (*.xls), (*.xlsx)

Microsoft Word (*.doc), (*.docx)

Windows image (*.jpg), (*.jpeg)

Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf)

Do not open attachments that you do not recognize.

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