Micro greens leaves and shoots catalog

Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD offers best fresh micro greens, micro leaves and shoots all season wholesale supplies produced by Israeli technology pioneers - TAP Teshuva Agricultural Projects. Grower-direct with air freight delivery worldwide, our company provides best quality fresh microgreens, microleaves and shoots with affordable price policy. Browse our catalog and contact us for a price quote including microgreen delivery to the destination.

Micro greens catalog Israel microgreens wholesale best quality supermarket ready packed washed micro leavesDownload our microgreens presentation catalog in acrobat PDF format (500kb)

fresh microgreens and shoots microgreens frais et pousses Frisch micro greens und Triebe microgreens fresche e germogli свежая микрозелень и проростки
Micro basil Micro basilic Mikro Basilikum Micro basilico Микро базилик
Micro beet bulls blood Micro betterave sang de taureau Micro Mangold Rübenstierblut Micro sangue di toro di barbabietola Микро Мангольд свёкла
Micro broccoli Micro brocoli Micro Brokkoli Micro broccoli Микро капуста брокколи
Micro coriander Micro coriandre Micro Koriander Micro coriandolo Микро кориандр
Micro green mustard Micro moutarde verte Micro grün Senf Micro senape verde Микро зелёная горчица
Micro green tatsoi (pac choy) Micro tatsoi vert Mikro grün tatsoi Micro tatsoi verde Микро тат сой (пакчой)
Micro mizuna Micro mizuna Micro Mizuna Micro mizuna Микро мизуна
Micro pea shoots Pousses de pois micro Mikro erbsen schießt Germogli di piselli micro Микро ростки гороха
Micro pepper cress (garden rocket) Micro cresson au poivre (roquette) Mikro Pfeffer Kresse (Rucola) Micro pepe crescione (rucola) Микро кресс салат
Micro red amaranth Micro amarante rouge Micro rote Amaranth Micro rosso amaranto Микро амарант красный
Micro red mizuna Micro mizuna rouge Micro Mizuna rot Micro mizuna rosso Микро мизуна красная
Micro red basil Micro basilic rouge Micro Basilikum rotem Micro basilico rosso Микро базилик красный
Micro rocket Micro salade de roquette Micro Rucolasalat Micro ruchetta Микро рукола
Micro sakura radish Micro sakura radis Micro Sakura Rettich Micro sakura ravanello Микро сакура редис
Micro sunflower shoots Micro pousses de tournesol Micro Sonnenblumen Sprossen Girasole germogli micro Микро проростки подсолнечника