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Ретама (ротем) - свежая декоративная зелень Израиль

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Ретама (ротем)

Retama is a genus of flowering bushes in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the broom tribe, Genisteae. Retama broom bushes are found natively in North Africa, the Levant and some parts of southern Europe. The GRIN database lists three species: Retama raetam, Retama monosperma, and Retama sphaerocarpa. The first two of those have white flowers, while the third has yellow flowers. It remains an open question in taxonomy whether the members of the Retama genus should be incorporated into the Genista genus.

Rotem свежесрезанная зелень декоративная

Rotem ginestra

Rotem photo (cc) Avishai Teicher
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